Pow Wow Lincoln

Photos by Tom Tidball

Nebraska’s tribes—Omaha, Winnebago, Santee Sioux, Ponca and Pawnee often celebrate their Native Pow Wows on their own reservations during the spring and summer. But every August in Lincoln, the Indian Center at 1100 Military Road, offers an opportunity for all urban Natives to come together and celebrate at their annual Pow Wow.

Pow Wows are extraordinary gatherings where the sacred intersects the ordinary. Usually in the center of the arena, dancers who take part in the event dance to the beat of the sacred drums. At the Lincoln Pow Wow, besides those who take part in the event itself, there is the grand stand, vendor booths, concession stands, and a few camp sites. All this takes place on the greens that belong to the Indian Center. 

North American tribes have celebrated for generations with song and dance and traditional attire. These popular festivities exist because of tribe’s cultural persistence to keep their traditions alive. So, we honor the Lincoln Pow Wow participants. 

For dates of the Pow Wow, call the Indian Center at (402) 438-5231 or check their website: indiancenterinc.org.

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