17th Street Shopping

With its delightful collection of sights, sounds and food for the soul, a walk through the restored 17th Street shopping area is sure to please on an afternoon out. This collection of good neighbor shops with convenient curbside parking, peppers the renovated strip as part of the tapestry of a multicultural and diverse neighborhood in a growing part of Lincoln. The renovated 17th Street flows exceptionally well, which is why you have to make it a point to stay to your left, stop and become part of their regular foot traffic on the refurbished limestone sidewalks. Take the time to see what treasures await you.

Bodhi Imports

Walking through the doors of Bodhi Imports, your senses heighten by the smell of burning incense, sounds from the Far East and the smiles and welcoming presence of staff and patrons alike. Tracing its heritage to a pair of pants eighteen years ago, Bodhi has grown into a unique collection of gifts, handpicked from around the world. The shop overflows with the exotic—crystals, clothes, masks, art, jewelry, incense, wood carvings and even furniture.

Each year owners Jennifer and James travel to Indonesia with their two daughters to meet with local artists and personally select many of Bodhi’s unique items. A distinct spiritual undertone marks everything Bodhi sources from countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Guatemala. Bodhi also showcases products from local artisans. Committed to fair trade, handcrafted workmanship, and renewable resources, the general energy behind each product in the store seeks to lift the spirit. Bodhi’s unique gifts are equally matched by its warm and friendly shopping atmosphere. Visiting Bodhi is like meeting with old friends. It’s a one of a kind experience to further your home as well as your soul.

Bodhi Organic Garden Supply

Bodhi Imports has a sister store, Bodhi Organic Garden Supply, located on South 1st and A streets. Their tagline says it all, “Cultivating Organic Sustainability through Ancient Technology and the Latest Scientific Methods.” They sell everything you need for indoor and outdoor organic gardening as well as seedlings in the spring and even seasonal produce from local farmers. The gardening advice is free.

The Violin Shop

The Violin Shop has been Lincoln’s stop to buy, sell, and rent stringed instruments in the capital city. With customers from as far away as Colorado, Kansas and Iowa; this Lincoln area instrument maker and servicing store has earned the city’s trust after thirty years of service. Opening for business in the fall of 1982 to support the growing string program of the public school system, The Violin Shop is our very own full service shop offering quality repairs and restoration by our local city instrument maker. The City of Lincoln maintains strong educational support of stringed music instruments, with children beginning as young as fourth grade and playing through the University level. If it has been more than six months since you last had your stringed instrument checked, make a stop down to The Violin Shop today for a free inspection.

Grateful Bread

This vegetarian soup restaurant started out as a bakery and has been an essential part of 17th Street shopping for 15 years. Known for making a Moroccan tomato soup that is to die for, Grateful bread is worth the stop for lunch or to grab a bite after work. Their tomato soup is available everyday along with other great vegetarian soups and sandwiches that are different every day. They are also well known for their scones and cookies and, on certain days, their amazing cinnamon rolls. With their great food and resonable prices, it’s well worth the stop.

Antique Co-ops

Multiple antique stores line 17th Street along the western street line. The Corner Co-op, C. Middleton Antiques, and Olde Glory Antiques carry a variety of antiques from Victorian to Primitive, and offer a fun shopping experience if serendipity is something you are looking for. You can find antique pottery, china, jewelry books, furniture and more.

If you still want to shop some more and stay on 17th Street, keep walking south about six blocks and you will find a fun strip mall at 17th and South Street, where a coffee shop, a health food store and deli offers some nice food and beverages to complete your 17th Street shopping experience.


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