About Lincoln Today

Gold award winner of the 2007 Heartland Print Gallery Award publishes its 23rd annual publication in 2014.

The Medium

Lincoln Today is the city’s most prominent, comprehensive, artfully designed, quality-of-life, up-beat publication. While promoting a high-visibility for many Lincoln businesses, the publication features general articles that shows Lincoln as an diverse city with high quality education, wonderful performing and visual arts, professional sports, gourmet restaurants, world-class entertainment, unique shopping, affordable housing, great business opportunities, excellent infrastructure, nice climate and many historic and cultural attractions.

The Distribution

Lincoln Today has a multiple audience:

Visitors to Lincoln – Every hotel and motel carries a Lincoln Today in their rooms, throughout the year. Many Lincolnites stay in the hotels for conferences. football games, conventions as do read the magazine.

New residents to Lincoln – Distributed through businesses, the universities, the Mayor’s office, individual colleges at UNL, real estate companies, the medical profession, service organizations, bookstores, gift shops, specialty shops, etc.

Hospitals – At this time it is in most of the hospital rooms including, St Elizabeth’s Regional Medical Hospital, Bryan LGH East and West, Nebraska Heart Hospital, Madonna, Tabitha and the Lincoln Surgical Hospital.

Recruitment and Relocation Tool – Every major business uses Lincoln Today when they are recruiting professionals from other states and even internationally to Lincoln. Often, Lincoln Today gets into most relocation packs. Sometimes when there are any major mergers, Lincoln Today magazines are included in relocation packs.


We print over 12,000 copies each year. The visitor readership of 6,000 copies is well over 500,000. The individual readership of the balance 6,000 is over 30,000 copies. The magazine is the city’s primary new resident magazine, a high-quality visitor guide and the premiere relocation tool used by most businesses, services and individuals in the city. It is an original and there is nothing else like it!