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It’s been a time of tremendous growth in Lincoln, as evidenced by new developments, buildings, and a changing landscape. But it’s more than that. There’s a certain energy. A vibrancy. An optimism. It’s unmistakable, and it’s the talk of the town.

For entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses, it’s a time of great opportunity. A time to put big ideas into action. And fortunately for them, there’s a catalyst. In fact, it’s actually named Catalyst.

In the Fall of 2013, Union Bank & Trust established Catalyst as a banking initiative designed to help small businesses and startups be more successful. To support the effort, the bank opened a 1,400-square-foot space in the new Canopy Street/Railyard development of Lincoln’s West Haymarket, a neighborhood bustling with business activity. Also bearing the name “Catalyst,” the new space is quite different from a typical bank office. You won’t find tellers or traditional banking services in the office. What you will find is a place entrepreneurs or small-business people can use for creative thinking, collaboration, planning, networking, and presentations.

It’s a unique space with a special purpose. It is coordinated and used by Union Bank for some events and activities, but may be reserved by small businesses, bank customers, and prospects for their use. The meeting space accommodates up to 30 people, and is equipped with a full suite of collaborative technology, including a 70″ interactive digital board, high speed WiFi, and video conferencing.

The office also houses Union Bank’s new Business Banking Advocate, a Lincoln entrepreneur who directs the new services. The Business Banking Advocate specifically works with entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses to help them navigate banking and lending services, and quickly overcome any obstacles they may encounter.

“Small businesses have always been critically important to Union Bank’s success,” said Kevin Keller, Union Bank’s first vice president of marketing. “Catalyst is a recommitment, making sure we stay focused on the startup and the entrepreneur, and never lose sight of how important they are to our community. We want to make sure we continue to support them.”

For more information about Catalyst, including how to reserve the Catalyst space, please call 402.323.1935.



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