Lincoln is the place to be a Young Professional

by Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker and Kayla Meyer

There is something about Lincoln.
Life is just better here.

Surrounded by miles of breathtaking prairie, right in the heart of the land of opportunity, lives Lincoln—a vibrant, thriving community rich in diversity and culture. Those who know Lincoln, understand that it is more than our low cost of living and emphasis on life-work balance that makes our city unique. Ask a local what they love most about Lincoln and chances are they will tell you it is the people who make our community strong. And among them you will find our passionate, visionary young professionals—the future of our community who are steadfast in their work to continue moving our growing city forward.

To say Lincoln embraces our YPs would be a vast understatement, as our community elevates, includes and applauds this powerful younger demographic with relentless support. And, while it may have been our short commute times and strong local economy that named us the “Best City in America for Young Professionals” by Insurify, we know the people here played a key role in ensuring that Lincoln truly is the place to be.

Here is why. 

Life is just better here. There has never been a better time to call Lincoln home. Recently named the Happiest City in America by Men’s Health Magazine, Lincoln offers an attractive way of life that is undeniably second to none. From our eclectic art and music scene to the endless trails and Husker sports, everyone can find their unique niche in Lincoln. Our flexible pace of life emphasizes balance and offers our future leaders the opportunity to achieve the life they have dreamed of in our dynamic and collaborative community. 

Lincoln offers rewarding career opportunities. Lincoln is an inclusive, welcoming community fueled by legendary institutions, innovative startups, growing tech companies, state-of-the-art healthcare organizations, agriculture enterprises, impactful nonprofits and so much more. As a Gig City, our world-class fiber network also boasts the fastest internet speeds in the country, making building an advantageous, rewarding career here easy. For those interested in starting a career in Lincoln, our Lincoln the Place to Be program makes finding a job, a home and activities simple. 

There are endless opportunities to engage. Lincoln is a city focused on the creation of programs that elevate the emerging leaders of our community to support the ongoing attraction and retention of diverse talent. Our successful Lincoln Young Professionals Group offers exceptional educational and engagement opportunities, fostering a collaborative community with valuable opportunities to flourish. Lincoln YPG empowers its members to use their voices to implement the changes they want to see and develop rewarding careers within a city they love. 

We are focused on continuous growth. Learning in Lincoln doesn’t stop at the classroom door. Our community is comprised of lifelong learners with a hunger for knowledge and discovery. With a Big Ten campus in the heart of the city and a renowned public education system, Lincoln is a leader in education with ample opportunities for Lincoln business leaders and their families to expand their minds and commit to a life of learning in a city founded on education.  

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