Holmes Lake Dog Park is a Popular Spot

When it comes to exercise for canines and their owners, the Holmes Lake Dog Park can’t be beat. Dogs can enjoy freedom from leashes while romping through the 26-acre park. Wade Uldrich, who accompanies his boxer and a Jack Russell terrier to the park, said that although he takes them for walks, the exercise they get at the park is much different. “And it’s a good way for me to get some exercise too,” he said.

The park affords dogs a chance to explore tall grass, short grass and a creek. A separate area for small dogs makes it fun for canine companions of all sizes. The park, also known as Rickman’s Run, also has benches, shade trees and picnic tables for the owners who want to sit and talk.

A typical visit to the park means exercising and socializing in a safe place with a variety of dogs and dog breeds. Genelle Perry said her kids tease her that she tells stories about her time at the dog park. She and Sofi, a miniature goldendoodle, have been coming here since Sofi was tiny.

“All Sofi’s friends are here,” she said. “She’s sad if they don’t show up.”

Mike Kistler is new to the dog park because he recently acquired a boxer puppy named Riggins. “I didn’t want to turn into a ‘dog park guy,’ but I already know many of the dogs’ names,” he said.

Joe Gores said the park is one of his favorite places in Lincoln.

“That’s because it has two of our favorite things, dogs and people who love dogs.”

If you go:

The Holmes Lake Dog Park, also known as Rickman’s Dog Run, is a leash-free area for dogs at 7100 Holmes Park Road, across from Holmes Lake. The park is open early and late. There are doggie poop bins and a portable restroom is available for owners.

Another city-operated dog park is located at Oak Lake in northwest Lincoln at Sun Valley Boulevard and Charleston. For more information about any of the Lincoln City Parks, visit the website.

Park Improvements:

Recent projects in the park include newly created wetland areas along the creek in the park to help clean the water before it goes into Holmes Lake. For dog parents, there are new crossing areas with stepping stones, said Matt Mittelstadt of Lincoln Parks and Recreation. Watershed Management engineer Ben Higgins said construction on the park is completed on new wetland areas, but some areas are fenced to allow grass and plants to grow.

By Judy Shutts

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