Lincoln’s Breakfast Spots

by Sriyani Tidball

Love breakfast? French toast, eggs benedict, pancakes, omelets, poached eggs, bacon, rolls and muffins, I just love it all. Most cities have multitude of restaurants that serve lunch and dinner, but when it comes to breakfast, Lincoln has many options. 

Many of the hotels downtown offer great breakfasts, and the coffee houses, specially The Mill (8th and P streets, College View, Telegraph District and Innovation Campus), the Coffee House (at 14th and P streets), always offer great rolls, muffins, and the best coffee in town. Cultiva (33rd and Holdrege and at 11th and G streets) offer great coffee too, and delicious crepes stuffed with sweet or savory items, is something you want to try. They serve breakfast all day long.

Green Gateau at 330 S. 10th St. a family owned unique restaurant, offers a wonderful brunch on Saturday and Sundays. Their brunch menu is full of options and it is all good. Their strawberry stuffed crepes is one of my favorites, and if you like eggs benedict, they have a variety of options like spinach or salmon with your benedict. They make the best scones in town and serve it with lemon curd and raspberry marmalade. 

The Engine House on 6028 Havelock Ave. located in the North part of the city carries the ambiance of a Fire Station. They offer a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, burritos and more. During the weekends you will have a wait as it is a very popular spot. 

Cook’s Café on 1300 N 66th St for great service whether you are looking for breakfast or brunch. Omelet and hash browns or pork chops and eggs, there are many options and the food is flavorful and in generous portions. The hash browns are hard to beat and check out the option of grilled onions and melted cheese on these delicious potatoes. For someone who tries to be gluten free, some options are available on request. Subbing fruit is a great option as well, and they offer real fruit, peeled bananas, mandarins, grapes, blueberries, and fresh pineapple. Unexpected and delightful. 

Greenfields located at 7900 South 87th St. serves great meals. However, if you are looking for a hearty breakfast, this is your spot. Friendly, mid-western, family owned, delicious breakfast is always enjoyable. You can order a big juicy Ultimate Steak omelet and some fat homemade rye toast, or great pancakes or Belgian waffles with fruit. They serve brunch all day long, and the service is always good. 

Dino’s at 2901 S 84th St, also offers a wonderful breakfast and an outstanding Sunday brunch that includes great breakfast pizzas. Their French toast is wonderful, and service excellent. 

Penelope’s Lil’ Café — “Where your Mama comes to eat” at 4724 Pioneers Blvd. is a popular breakfast destination, too. “We’ve got a great product at a very reasonable price,” said owner Brenda Failor.  


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