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Cheetahs in Lincoln

by Sarah Wood In July of 2020, guests raced to meet the newest additions to Lincoln Children’s Zoo! Three cheetahs now call the Zoo home—Sita, Saba, and Nane are sisters and part of the well-known Bingwa Bunch from St. Louis....


Paw Friendly Places in the Capital City

by Michelle O’Dea Pet ownership is on the rise, and our Capital City is no exception. Nearly 63,000 households in Lincoln have pets—and dog lovers reign supreme in our paw friendly city. Whether Lincolnites are stopping by a local barista...


A New Zoo

by Mary Friesen Exciting changes have been underway for the Lincoln Children’s Zoo the last few years. The zoo is getting close to finishing its $16 million expansion which will double the size of the zoo. The expansion will also...