Lincoln Today continues to be one of America’s premiere lifestyle publications produced right here in the heartland, the star city of Lincoln, Nebraska. We proudly present this latest issue of Lincoln Today and hope you like it.

Lincoln Today celebrates 26 years. Most of our staff have been with us from the start. Loyalty is a prized virtue with us and our past issues reveal it. And so, we want to thank all of our faithful advertisers, and our thousands of readers and contributors who have also stayed with us through the years. Your support allows us to keep sharing what makes our home uniquely wonderful. 

Lincoln is sizeable enough to offer the exhilarating qualities of a larger city, while not sacrificing the peace and security of a small town, the backbone of the plains. The city has changed a lot in the past 26 years. It is a growing community. Just in the past decade the overall population grew by 23 percent, adding more ethnically and racially diverse communities, as well a younger demographic. Lincoln continues to have a strong economy, an educated workforce and low unemployment. These positive trends consistently attract new residents. Approximately half of the workforce has post-secondary degrees. Having the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with over 25,000 students, in the heart of the city adds to the local population—bringing great entertainment and quality of life to the city. Identified by the American Institute for Economic Research (2012) as the sixth best city in the U.S. for college students (among cities with 250,000–1,000,000 residents), Lincoln also caters to the young at heart and family-oriented folks. 

Many economists believe that cities with jobs in science, technology, engineering, math, and creative and innovative industries, will continue to grow while cities that lag in those areas will decline. Lincoln is above average in the percentage of science, technology, engineering, and math occupations, helping Lincoln’s unemployment to be lower than nearly anywhere else in the U.S. To add to this, Lincoln is a safe place to live. Lincoln prides itself in having less crime than other similarly sized communities. Residents of Lincoln routinely report feeling safe and secure at home and on the run.

I hope you enjoy the 26th annual issue of Lincoln Today Magazine, highlighting once again our beloved Lincoln, the place we affectionately call home. 

Have a great year, 


Sriyani Tidball

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