Lincoln’s Best Breakfast Spots

by Sriyani Tidball

There are some great unique breakfast options in Lincoln. Here are a few places I can vouch for, where you can get a hearty breakfast. 

Many of the hotels in the downtown area offers breakfasts, and the coffee houses, especially The Mill (8th and P streets, College View, Telegraph District and Innovation Campus), the Coffee House (at 14th and P streets), always offers delicious, freshly baked sweet rolls, muffins, and the best coffee in town. Cultiva (33rd and Holdrege and at 11th and G streets) offers great coffee too, and scrumptious crepes stuffed with sweet or savory fillings which they serve all day long. Embassy Suites Downtown at 11th and P, offers a wonderful full breakfast to those residing in the hotel, but at a pinch, you can always pop in and pay for a wonderful made-to-order breakfast.

One of the newest favorite breakfast spots in the city is in the brand-new Scarlet Hotel, located at UNL’s Innovation Campus. The Well & Good restaurant offers a truly incredible breakfast every morning from 7a.m. to 11a.m. The full-service boutique Marriott hotel was strategically designed to celebrate Nebraska in every way, including offering a hearty meal, with so many options. The Scarlet Hotel has partnered with local farmers and small businesses to showcase the diverse products grown in-state and provide a wonderful taste of Nebraska to all who visit. Well & Good stays true to the homestyle cooking of Nebraska legends, while serving up refined taste to exceed the expectations of the modern traveler. Their menu for breakfast is full of unusual items, and if you don’t know what to choose, try their French toast that comes with pecans and bananas. Family recipes and memories of home cooking are brought to life with Nebraska’s bountiful harvest. Students love coming here as it reminds them of home cooking while international guests get to experience food from the Good Life, and for everyone else, they experience true Midwest hospitality in this upscale rustic restaurant.

Green Gateau at 330 S. 10th Street is a unique family-owned restaurant, offering an unbeatable, wonderful brunch all-day on Saturday and Sundays. Their brunch menu is full of options, and every one is incredibly good. Their strawberry stuffed crepes are my favorite, and if you like Eggs Benedict, they have a variety of options like spinach or salmon with your Benedict. For the best beignets in town Green Gateau would win the prize, and they serve it with lemon curd and raspberry marmalade. You can always add a mimosa or a bloody Mary, to make it even more special. The wait-staff is exceptionally courteous, which adds to the breakfast experience, making it an unforgettable brunch.

Greenfields located at 7900 S. 87th Street serves great lunches, but if you are looking for a hearty breakfast, this is your spot. Friendly, mid-western, and family owned, their delicious breakfast is always enjoyable. You can order a big juicy Ultimate Steak omelet and some fat homemade rye toast, or great pancakes, or Belgian waffles with fruit. They serve brunch all day long, and the service is always good. 

The Engine House on 6028 Havelock Avenue located in the North part of the city carries the ambiance of a Fire Station. They offer a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, burritos and more. During the weekends there may be a wait—it’s a very popular spot. 

Cook’s Café on 1300 N 66th Street has great service whether you are looking for breakfast or brunch. Omelet and hash browns or pork chops and eggs—there are many options and the food is flavorful with generous portions. For those who need a gluten free meal, options are available on request. Subbing fruit is a great option as well, and they offer real fruit, peeled bananas, mandarins, grapes, blueberries, and fresh pineapple—unexpected and delightful. 

The Hub Café, 250 N. 21st Street, Ste 3, has become a popular favorite breakfast/brunch spot in Lincoln. Known for their great menu with incredible fresh ingredients—farm to table—you won’t be disappointed with your breakfast. The Biscuit Egg Sandwich and the Avocado Toast are my favorites.

Le Quartier Bakery and Café, located in Meridian Park at 70th and O streets, opens every weekday at 7a.m. and on the weekend at 8a.m. offering you fresh, tasty pastries and cinnamon rolls, quiche and hot coffee. With outside and inside seating, it’s a great spot for a casual breakfast. 

Piedmont Bistro, an American style restaurant at 1265 S. Cotner Boulevard, Ste 38, offers a Sunday morning breakfast serving a variety of unusual breakfast items. 

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