Thirty-two years ago, we launched Lincoln Today as a premiere lifestyle magazine featuring Lincoln, the city we all love. At that time many of the city’s leaders promised their support, and to this day have been faithful to their commitment. For this we are genuinely grateful.

I first came to Lincoln as a foreign student entering Lincoln East High School as a senior. Those days a foreign student was a unique and sometimes exotic addition to any class in Lincoln. I truly had a wonderful year and came back three years later to the University of Nebraska Lincoln to complete my degree in architecture. My host family was supportive, and generous. Once again the city I called my second home, welcomed me and my life here was really changed forever. The Lincoln I got to know was inclusive and accepting and became one big adventure. I met Husker Tom (Lincoln Today’s chief photographer) on campus, fell in love, got married, finished college, had some kids, and we are still making history. 

We have lived most of our lives in Lincoln. We simply love being here. Why do we love Lincoln? Not because it is safe, not because it provided exceptional education for our four children, not because of entrepreneurial opportunities where a small business like Lincoln Today could succeed and even get awards, not because there is great art, music, and live performances here, not because we have so many sunny days even in the winter, not because there is an impressive number of restaurants and coffee houses here, not because there are 132 parks, six recreation centers, 134 miles of trails, nine public pools, 13 golf courses, 92 playgrounds, four dog runs, a nature center, beautiful public gardens, and over 80,000 street trees to enjoy, not because crime rates and unemployment are low…We love Lincoln because the people we know and spend time with here are warm, caring, and honest. It is truly “the good life.”

So, when you thumb through Lincoln Today 2023, be assured that all of us working on the magazine, sing the same song. Producing this publication for you is a genuine pleasure. We hope you enjoy Lincoln Today as much as we have loved putting
it together.


Sriyani Tidball

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