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Whether you are visiting Lincoln, Nebraska or live in our fine city, there is a hospital or institution to suit all of your health needs. Rest assured that with any situation that may arise, Lincoln’s healthcare institutions will take care of you in fine style.   

Bryan Health

Bryan Health is a regional system with medical centers in Lincoln, Crete, Kearney, Grand Island and Central City. The system also includes Bryan Heart, Bryan Physician Network, Bryan Health Connect and the Bryan Foundation.

At its two Lincoln campuses, (East at 48th Street and Cotner Boulevard; West at 17th and South streets) the 672-bed Bryan Medical Center focuses on leading edge treatment in cardiology, neurosciences, emergency, trauma and critical care, oncology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, orthopedics, bariatrics, rehabilitation and mental health.  

Bryan East Campus is home to obstetrics, pediatrics and NICU care and has just completed a four-phase surgery renovation. These updates transformed the patient and family experience at Bryan East Campus and include:

• 115,000 square feet of renovations

• 14 large operating rooms and two specialty procedure rooms 

• 40 patient rooms for care before and after surgery 

• 18 rooms for post-anesthesia recovery from surgery 

• 4 private consult rooms for families to meet with physicians 

Bryan West Campus is home to a Level II Trauma Center and the Bryan Independence Center—a comprehensive inpatient and outpatient center for alcohol and substance use treatment.     

Bryan Heart is on the leading edge of procedures offered, specializing in minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, electrophysiology, atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure and more. Bryan’s physicians serve more than 40 communities across four states.

Bryan Telemedicine, partners with over 80 facilities in nine states to offer innovative telemedicine solutions, including 24-hour ezVisit.

Bryan Physician Network offers a comprehensive network of more than 100 providers, including primary care and three Urgent Care locations across Lincoln.

Bryan LifePointe, at 27th Street and Pine Lake Road, offers medically-based fitness, rehab and spa facilities to promote self-care and wellness.

Bryan broke ground on the April Sampson Cancer Center in 2021. Slated to open in south Lincoln in 2023, this comprehensive facility unites all aspects of cancer care at one convenient location. The center will provide access to national clinical trials, mental health support, palliative care, infusions, nurse navigators, therapy, genetic assessments and counseling, prosthesis and appearance services, nutrition and spa services. 

Bryan College of Health Sciences offers the latest technology—including a Simulation Center—and the most advanced teaching methods to set its students on a course for success. The dedicated faculty, strong clinical emphasis and hands-on learning opportunities prepare students to excel in real-life situations beyond the classroom. The college offers undergraduate, graduate and completion programs, on-site and online learning opportunities, as well as minors in emerging health fields, including: nursing, biomedical sciences (pre-med, pre-PA and more), sonography/ultrasound, nurse anesthesia and education doctorate certificate. 

For a full list of Bryan Health services, locations and educational programs, visit

CHI Health St. Elizabeth

555 S. 70th Street

CHI Health St. Elizabeth has a well rounded list of services. Cancer, Breast, Emergency, Heart and Home Care are a few of the services provided.  

Perhaps best known internationally for providing outstanding care in their Burn and Wound center, they are also recognized for providing the latest treatments and having the best research for wounds.  

CHI Health St. Elizabeth has patient and family advisory councils, which is an opportunity for patients and families alike to share ideas, learn, listen and respond to needs of the community and the hospital. They also have rehabilitation care, as well as orthopedics and Home Health services. Weight management? There are several programs open to the public to help patients gain control. They also offer digestive health.  

For a list of all that CHI Health St. Elizabeth has to offer, please go to for more information.

Nebraska Heart Hospital at 7500 S. 91st Street and Nebraska Heart Institute at 7440 S. 91st Street work closely with CHI Health St .Elizabeth for any and all things involving your heart. If you are needing stents, they are there for you. 

Heart failure, pacemaker, coronary artery bypass, and many more procedures are available for heart health. Vascular disease, and vein clinics are also a large part of heart health and are treated here with care, confidence and knowledge.  

The Heart Hospital also has a large section devoted to women’s heart health.  

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is known worldwide for providing physical rehabilitation along with complex medical needs assistance. Innovation and hospitality best describe this state of the art facility.  

The patient rooms are spacious, and family members of the patient are treated like family, just like the patients themselves.  

Madonna provides patients a smooth transition from any acute care hospital in the nation to regain their strength through rehabilitation.  

Well known for spinal cord injury and stroke rehab, Madonna also specializes in pediatric cases ranging from cancer and other complex medical needs, and brain injury. The rooms are specifically designed to capture the attention of the child, and aid with returning to recreation and play through various therapies including physical, occupational and speech.  

Family housing is available for a space to rest and recharge and still be close to your loved one.  

When patients no longer need to be in the facility 24/7, Madonna offers outpatient programs for every age, type and level needed. These are located on the main campus at 5401 South Street, 56363 NW 1st Street, and 7111 Stephanie Lane. The buildings are strategically and conveniently located in south Lincoln, north Lincoln and central Lincoln.  

Ultimately Madonna allows patients to return to school, work or an independent life after a long sickness or injury. 
Visit for more information.

Lincoln Surgical Hospital

1710 S. 70th Street

Known as one of America’s 100 best hospitals for Joint Replacement, Lincoln Surgical offers specialized care for all types of surgical procedures. The care is patient-centered and the nurses know exactly what to do to help you feel better after your surgery. Even the food is great at Lincoln Surgical Hospital according to one patient I spoke with. Before, during and after surgery, patients speak of the care and comfort they receive and are likely to recommend this hospital to their friends.  

Visit for more information.

No one plans on needing surgery or getting sick, but if something like this happens to you, you can rest assured that there is a hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska to fit your needs, or desires, and your injury.  

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