Lincoln’s Breakfast Spots

by Sriyani Tidball

I love breakfast. French toast, eggs benedict, pancakes, omelets, poached eggs, bacon, rolls and muffins, I just love it all. Somehow in most cities they have multitude of restaurants that serve lunch and dinner, but when it comes to breakfast, Lincoln has many options.

Bread and Cup at 440 N. 9th St., serves an awesome brunch on Saturdays and Sunday mornings, and breakfast everyday but Monday. The menu is huge and delicious. My favorite is their wonderful cinnamon rolls paired with a mimosa, or some French toast made with their own homemade bread. Bread and Cup serves great breakfast Tuesday through Friday from 7 a.m. and Saturday at 8 a.m. and Sunday from 10 to 2 p.m. they serve an amazing brunch.

Green Gateau at 330 S. 10th St. offers a wonderful brunch on Saturday and Sundays. Their brunch menu is full of options with organic, cage-free eggs, plus vegan and gluten free selections. Their strawberry stuffed crepes are one of my favorites, and if you like eggs benedict, they have a variety of options like spinach, salmon or seared tuna. 

Penelope’s Lil Café at 4724 Pioneers Blvd. has famous breakfasts. During the fall time means it is hatch green chili time so back by popular demand with green pork chili skillet. It will be available on Sundays, while it lasts!

Many of the hotels downtown offer great breakfasts, and the coffee houses, especially The Mill (8th and P Streets and in College View), the Coffee House (at 14th and P Streets), always offers great rolls, muffins, and the best coffee in town. Cultiva (33rd and Holdrege and at 11th and G Streets) offers great coffee and amazing crepes stuffed with sweet and savory items. They serve breakfast all day long.

The Engine House,at 6028 Havelock Ave. in the north part of the city, carries the ambiance of a fire station. They offer a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, burritos and more. During the weekends you will have a wait as it is a very popular spot. If you are looking for a great omelet try Cook’s Café at 1300 N. 66th St. in the north part of town where they also serve great coffee in a bottomless cup. 

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3 Responses

  1. Sriyani says:

    Bread and Cup has closed.

  2. Joel Green says:

    Hi Sriyani,

    I wanted to say well done on a beautiful 2020 Lincoln Today issue – it looks great! I picked up a copy from the visitors’ center recently and thoroughly enjoyed perusing through it. I was very surprised however that there isn’t one singular mention of Robber’s Cave in the entire issue.

    – The cave is featured on the Lincoln Convention and Visitors’ Bureau’s website
    – Robber’s Cave Tours are advertised in the 2020 Lincoln Visitors Guide
    – The book Robber’s Cave: Truths, Legends, Recollections has an ad in the Lincoln Visitors’ Guide and won the 2019 Nebraska Book Award
    – Robber’s Cave Tours were listed as a top tourist destination in Lincoln by Select Traveler Magazine in 2019
    – Midwest Living Magazine has featured an article about the cave
    – The cave is being nominated to the National Register of Historic Places
    – There are two large billboards along highways featuring the cave
    – It’s one of Lincoln’s oldest tourist attractions and only underground destination

    Robber’s Cave was on the front page of the Omaha World Herald recently following the “Not-at-all-what-you-thought” theme of the state’s travel guide, and Robber’s Cave was on the front page of the Lincoln Journal Star. I find it hard to believe that if someone visited Nebraska and picked up a copy of Lincoln Today, they wouldn’t find one mention of the place – even though the cave is open year-round, seven days a week for tours.

    This is not a complaint, I love Nebraska and the Lincoln Today Magazine… just some food for thought. That cave is incredible. It’s very popular. And it needs to be embraced!

    Stay warm and drive safely!

    Joel Green

  3. Hey Joel, Thanks for your comments about Lincoln Today. Sorry I missed you message. I will definitely include something about Roberts Cave in Lincoln Today 2021.

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