Lincoln Airport launches new nonstop flight to Houston 

Passengers are now able to take nonstop flights to and from Houston, TX (IAH). The new route launched in September and tickets are available at The United flights are on a regional jet that is one of the first flights out in the morning from LNK Airport and returns that evening around 8:30 p.m. 

“That is an ideal schedule for us as a business market,” shared Airport Executive Director David Haring.

In addition, the flight will be landing at the Houston George Bush International Airport, which is an airline hub that can connect Lincoln passengers to other U.S. states, as well as serve as a stop between other destinations across the country, and overseas.
Rachel Barth, Communications Director with the Lincoln Airport Authority said this flight is a steppingstone for what’s to come for the future of the airport.

“We’ve been partners with United Airlines for a long time, so Chicago and Denver are very stable for our business community,” Barth said. “This is finally one of those routes that kind of does that. You go through the business routes, but it also gets you to some fun places like Mexico, South America, and Houston itself is a great community.”

United Airlines has been a long-time valued
partner to the Lincoln Airport with multiple flights daily to Denver and Chicago, and now the new market, Houston. 

The Lincoln Airport, owned and operated by the Lincoln Airport Authority, is a calm, hassle-free travel spot for the people of Nebraska. They are a small, regional airport that comes with less stress and more time to relax. LNK is the starting point for Nebraskans to get to international airports such as Chicago, Denver, and now Houston, and they pride themselves on making sure people start their travels on a good note. For more information about flights and services, visit or call (402) 458-2480. 

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