Welcome to the 30th Edition of Lincoln Today!

Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte

We absolutely love continuing our magazine’s tradition of being one of the nation’s premiere lifestyle publications. Thirty years of loyalty and fondness for Lincoln is displayed by our gifted writers, designers, photographers, and faithful advertisers. We truly enjoy sharing what makes our city unique and wonderful.  

Lincoln’s architectural wonder, the State Capitol building, undergoing some outside renovations, is still open to the public. Mosaic ceilings and floors, paintings and sculptures inside the 400-foot-tall white tower topped by the world-renowned bronze statue of the Sower is worth exploring. Recently, just two blocks to the north on Centennial Mall, the stunning sculpture of Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte by well-known artist Ben Victor, was unveiled, adding another piece of public art to our mammoth collection of art in the city.


Lincoln’s rich history is one of the many reasons why people like living here. 

Another reason is that Lincoln is home to a wealth of museums and cultural attractions including galleries, studios, museums, and music venues. The International Quilt Museum showcases the best quilt collection in the world, while the Sheldon Museum of Art, focuses on displaying famous 19th and 20th century works of American art. 

Some folks refer to Lincoln as the “Music City” since we host many quality live performances throughout the year, quenching nearly every music lover’s thirst. Shows at the Pinnacle Bank Arena, the Lied Center, Pinewood Bowl, the Bourbon Theatre, the Rococo, Pla-Mor Ballroom, the bluesy Zoo Bar and more, offer something for everyone.

Our extensive and well-maintained park system boasts of over 131 individual green spaces connected by a 134-mile system of recreational trails. Devotees of the great outdoors enjoy all the city has to offer including Antelope Park, the Hamann Rose Garden, the stunning Sunken Gardens, Holmes Lake Park, and Pioneers Park to mention just a few.

Lincolnites go horseback riding on equestrian trails, take their dogs to one of the many dog-runs, play golf on Lincoln’s scenic and affordable golf courses, attend local powwows, go to Husker sporting events, or just stroll the downtown or the Haymarket areas or enjoy a meal at a great restaurant.

Lincoln is proud of its strong economy, educated workforce and low unemployment, making it a place of positive trends that consistently attract new residents. Located in the heart of the city, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with over 25,000 students, adds youthful energy to the local population. There is so much happening in Lincoln to brag about, but I will let this issue of Lincoln Today speak for itself.

Please enjoy this 30th anniversary issue of Lincoln Today 2022.


Sriyani Tidball

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