Honest Abe Enjoys ‘His’ City

by redthread & the Lincoln CVB

Four score and seven years ago, I began planning. I wanted to have the best summer ever and explore Lincoln while doing it. That summer finally came in 2019, and it did not disappoint.

Last summer, I explored the capital city enjoying businesses, public art, parks and other attractions. There’s so much to do in Lincoln, I simply couldn’t stop bobbling. 

I hung out with the entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow at Turbine Flats, enjoyed awesome ice cream at Zesto’s and even visited the National Rollerskating Museum. Every day was full of fun and learning, and I got to show off my sleek style all over town. Truly the best summer a bobble-headed president like me could ask for. And the best part is, I’m ready for more sightseeing and selfie taking once 2020 rolls around. I saw so much; I just have to see more of what a city bearing my name can boast about.

While life is pretty swell for me down at the Lincoln Visitors Center in the Haymarket, sometimes you just have to get out and stretch your legs a bit. I may have been born in a single-room log cabin but that doesn’t mean ol’ Abe can’t appreciate some of the newest and most modern amenities the city has to offer. Whether it was checking out Pinnacle Bank Arena, visiting the LUX Center for the Arts or the ultra-modern and hip Tower Square, which, by the way, kinda reminds me of my famous stovepipe hat, there was no shortage of breathtaking and inspiring sites.

As an outdoors enthusiast, Lincoln is a perfect place for me to either enjoy the bright city lights or get away from it all and become one with nature. I was on top of the world, looking out over the city that bears my name at Arnold Heights with a view that can’t be beat. I was also in awe of Pioneers Park and its rolling hills, grassland prairies and The Smoke Signal statue that adorns the precious landscape. 

There was even a day or two when I was somehow able to sneak my 6-foot-4 frame outside the city and enjoy Spring Creek Prairie Audubon during a weekday afternoon. Needless to say, it’s not every day that the birds, insects and other wildlife on the prairie see a tall, lanky, bearded fellow who casts a large shadow roam into their home and bask in the wide-open spaces we sometimes yearn for. I thanked them for sharing their beautiful homes with me.

There are all kinds of great yearly and recurring festivals to check out in Lincoln. I don’t know about you, but even former presidents enjoy some smooth jazz from time to time, which is why Jazz in June was such a perfect way to enjoy a few warm, summer nights. Once those sweet, sweet sounds hit a bobblehead’s ears, it’s time to nod along and enjoy. Rumor has it that Honest Abe wasn’t such a fan of music. Not true. Although I don’t have what they call “musical talent,” I’m a music lover and had a blast at Jazz in June. 

It was a busy summer, and for us bobbleheads, it takes a bit longer to recuperate from all of the excitement. While I might not look a day or two older than 210, it’s back to the Visitors Center for me, at least for now. I didn’t expect to become a social media star with my exploits all over Facebook and Twitter, but people couldn’t get enough of the sights and sounds of Lincoln. And I was happy to oblige.

Make no mistake. You don’t have to be a bobblehead or even a former president of these great United States to enjoy all that Lincoln has to offer. 

Don’t forget to visit lincoln.org, where you’ll find all sorts of attractions and adventures to see right here in Lincoln. It’s a great resource to help you get out and explore this wonderful city. So, grab your flannels and your sunglasses and get ready for a bobblin’ good time. I’ll be going out on further Lincoln adventures, so keep an eye out or stop and see me at Seventh and P streets at the Lincoln Visitors Center.


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