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Lincoln supports diversity & culture

by Sriyani Tidball Mary Piper, a Lincoln resident and award-winning author, wrote in her book, The Middle of Everywhere: The World’s Refugees Come to Our Town, “Now we’re one of the top twenty cities in America for new arrivals from...


Coming Soon: The Prairie Corridor on Haines Branch

by Jesse Starita Imagine monarch butterflies fluttering under clear blue skies as families pedal through a pristine tallgrass prairie. On one side of the crushed limestone trail, a group of undergraduate students count birds for their environmental restoration course. On...


Should You Join the Chamber of Commerce?  

The Answer is Yes. Here is Why. by Brooke Zimmerman Recognized worldwide for their advocacy and representation of local businesses, chambers offer an unparalleled depth of resources to members within their communities. Now more than ever, businesses need to utilize...