Lincoln Has an Ap: So Much to See and Do

by Jenny Sundberg



Just over a year ago, the city of Lincoln shared its secret with the rest of the world. The city which people used to consider “quietly kept” is now emerging; filled with the perfect mix of good people, interesting places and a diverse range of things to do. The culture in Lincoln has been long overlooked and is now undergoing its greatest period of growth. Last year alone, the city welcomed the opening of the Pinnacle Bank Arena with the creation of an entertainment district including, in total, 16 new restaurants, shops and concert venues.

In an effort to keep up with the growing city, the Lincoln Chamber launched a free smartphone application that will keep visitors and locals alike, informed about what is going on in Lincoln, wherever they may be. The Lincoln App allows users to find things to do through a mobile, map-based interface that is broken down into two sections – Events and Places for fun, easy exploration.

The Events tab features a list of public meetings and community gatherings from the Lincoln online calendar sharable via Facebook, Twitter and Email. The Places tab lets users explore what is happening based on their current location. People looking for things to do and places to go, especially when they’re already out on the town, can turn to the Lincoln App for answers.

The Lincoln App empowers people to explore the city and find out what is happening. Now, everyone can become a tourist to Lincoln discovering its newest attractions and the hidden gems the city has to offer.

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