About the Lincoln Today People

Sriyani Tidball, editor and publisher, balances the production of Lincoln Today with various other projects for Tidball Productions, and her full-time teaching schedule as a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) where she teaches advertising and public relations. A UNL graduate, she holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a master’s degree in journalism. This energetic mother of four and grandmother of four splits her time between the U.S. and her native Sri Lanka, where she and her family have devoted themselves to projects that assist the poor and combat human trafficking worldwide.

Rayna Collins, art director and assistant editor, has been a part of the Lincoln Today team since its inaugural issue 25 years ago. With artistic skills honed in New York City design firms, she gives this annual publication its fresh and sophisticated look. Rayna runs her own successful graphic design business in Lincoln with both local and international clients, while devoting herself to her children, dogs, cats and the pursuit of happiness and art. You can see her work at, at and at

Tom Tidball, Lincoln Today’s chief photographer, has shot wonderful photographs for numerous international, national and local publications, including five coffee table books of his own photo studies. The Lincoln native also published his tribute to Nebraska football fans with his book, A Day in the Life: the Fans of Memorial Stadium. Tom’s Pow Wow Plains photography exhibition was the main exhibit at the Great Plains Gallery from August to December 2002 and has toured the state for many years including the College of Journalism’s Jatch Club in 2013. He displayed over 160 art prints and Native narrative in the exhibit, which brought rave reviews and shared Nebraska’s Native heritage with thousands. His most recent coffee table book, People Sri Lanka, published in 2009, showcases his compelling images of a cross-cultural nation. Tom also applies his exciting photographic perspective to video production, teaching and online work with his regular blog at and his social media sites.

Michelle Ashley, copy editor of Lincoln Today, telecommutes as a product documentation specialist for a Minnesota-based online marketing company by day and directs a nonprofit organization that provides therapy and service dogs in her spare time. She has been involved with Lincoln Today for over 17 years, working in editorial and management functions.

A graduate of UNL’s College of Law, Neva Winkle is a Tenant Support Specialist at Lincoln Community Action. She loves to write and volunteer, and has a near encyclopedic knowledge of movie trivia.

Jim Ballard, wine maker, co-owner of a local winery, author and radio personality, is also interested in politics. A regular contributor to Lincoln Today, Jim spend his time running James Arthur Vineyards and the From Nebraska Gift shop with his wife Barb. Jim and Barb live just outside Lincoln, love to travel, and enjoy their three grown children.

Charlyne Berens is professor emeritus at the UNL College of Journalism and Mass Communications where she taught courses in writing, reporting and editing as well as honors courses on the First Amendment. She has published two books about the Nebraska Unicameral and the political biography of Chuck Hagel, former U.S. Senator and U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Donna Joy Brakenhoff has lived in Nebraska most of her life. When she does not work at the State Department as a computer information specialist
she takes time to enjoy Lincoln’s festivals, restaurants and bookstores.

Laura Chapman is the Communications Coordinator at UNL’s International Quilt Study Center & Museum which is located on University of Nebraska Lincoln’s East Campus. She is involved with all the different exhibitions that come to the museum and loves promoting U.S.A.’s largest quilt collection.

Carrie Christensen moved from Colorado to work as Communications Coordinator for the Lied Center.

Mary Friesen is a long time Lincoln resident and the owner and publisher of Family Values Magazine. She devotes the rest of her time to her three amazing children and handsome husband.

Diane Gonzolas has lived in Lincoln since 1987 and manages the Citizen Information Center, a division of the Mayor’s Office. She previously worked at KOLN-KGIN-TV and the Governor’s Office. She is on the boards of the Lincoln Arts Council, the Flatwater Shakespeare Company and the Angels Theatre Company.

Andrew ‘Drew’ Guiney graduated from UNL’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications with a degree in Advertising with a minor in Spanish. Some of his passions include reading, writing and photography. He is now the marketing coordinator for the Nebraska Soybean Board.

Julie Hagemeier has been General Manager of the University Theatre and the Nebraska Repertory Theatre at UNL since 1995. She is a board member of The Angels Theatre Company and is on the planning committee for the Lincoln Arts Council’s annual Lincoln Arts Festival.

Ingrid Holmquist, a graduate from UNL’s College of Journalism, has worked at the Chicago Tribune but loves her home city of Lincoln.

Teresa Ingram has lived in Lincoln since 1984. She is the marketing coordinator at Lincoln Community Foundation, following a 28-year marketing/communications career with Lincoln Benefit Life. She appreciates Lincoln’s diverse cultures and enjoys volunteering for several nonprofits.

Maggy Lehmicke, a recent graduate of UNL’s College of Journalism, has specialized in advertising and public relations. Maggy was the captain of UNL Women’s Tennis Team.

Dave Mlnarik, a long-time resident of Lincoln, is the Executive Director of the Cornhusker State Games. In 2015 Nebraska hosted the State Games of USA, a project Dave worked on for the two years.

Claire Shinn, a recent graduate of UNL’s College of Journalism, has specialized in advertising and public relations and now works at Lincoln’s new social media hub.

Judy Shutts is a freelance writer and personal historian whose passion is helping others save life’s stories via audio recordings. She enjoys all Lincoln
has to offer: Husker football, volleyball, theater, music and volunteering.

Jesse Starita works at UNL’s Daugherty Water for Food Institute as the Education/Outreach Specialist. Prior to this appointment he was the program director at KZUM. Jesse graduated from the College of Journalism at UNL and loves writing. One of the highlights of his life was the semester he spent in Brazil working as a Fulbright Scholar.

Meghan Stratman is the graphic designer and communications specialist at the Ross Media Arts Center. A Lincoln resident and graduate of the University of Nebraska, Meghan has a BFA in studio art, with an emphasis in graphic design, and a minor in film studies.

Tyler Thomas works for UNL as their social media guru. He considers himself an online enthusiast with a passion for digital communication, content strategy and relationship building. Experienced in creating and managing brand experiences of all sizes via web and social media, Tyler loves to visit Lincoln’s restaurants and blog about it. Tyler and his wife Mandy co-founded

Angie Tidball, a native Lincoln resident, loves doing freelance writing while raising her young children who are in grade school. During her free time she loves to take short trips with her family.

Frank E. Uhlarik, loves Lincoln and is very committed to recycling and keeping the city “green.” He works in the Mayor of Lincoln’s office as the city’s Sustainability & Compliance Administrator.

Ed Zimmer has been the Historic Preservation Planner at Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Department since 1985. He grew up in Omaha, and studied American studies and architectural history at Boston University.